Thursday, September 07, 2006

what's been going on

a few articles for you, friends, on faith-politics-literature-whatever. you know, things i like.

from commonweal, is being spiritual enough? commonweal is always well done, you know? and obviously it's something i've been thinking about and i'm glad other people are also thinking about it and not, i guess, jumping to immediate conclusions about it.

recommended by rose, dappled things. i haven't really looked at it much, and i can't fault it for saying it's orthodox... right? :) [oh seriously, what kind of a person judges things on this basis? who am i?]

[okay, this makes it worth reading.]
If only I could hear His voice, I think,
Uplifted in some strange immortal tune,
I might learn hope amidst my doubt and sin�
But sometimes it's enough to see Him wink.

also, there is some predictability here, but zenit on democracy is pretty interesting. in case you were wondering where a lot of political stuff comes from in the catholic world, or at least one take on it.

and have you heard about google book search and how they put up out-of-copyright books? yes. you have to click on the "full view books" radio button. but you can get the whole thing! and while i don't know if i want to read on my computer all the time, it seems exciting. although i will still stick with adelaide, if only because of their sweet virginia woolf collection. check out "middlebrow" and we can chat about why i wrote my thesis.

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