Sunday, August 24, 2008

exciting times!

saw a tattooed, bike-riding hipster wearing this awesome shirt today, and i wanted to yell, "i know you got that shirt at the gap!" but then, you know, he would have known that i also shop at the gap. not that my polo shirt and denim skirt weren't already giving that away.

at school, i use a lot of old folders that the religion teacher before me left in my desk. the one i'm using currently says "Existence of God" - but that's crossed out, and next to it is written "Fun Day." what should i put in this folder?

so joe biden emailed me today to say, "Barack has the vision and the courage to bring real change to Washington. But even he can't do this alone." hehehe, EVEN he, yeah? i got a text message from a friend at 2:30 am to hear about biden, because i haven't signed up for the thing. i hear they sent it in the middle of the night because the news had already leaked. but i think it was a brilliant strategy, because it was so exciting!

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