Wednesday, August 13, 2008

well, they blew up the chicken man in philly last night...

david schwimmer: [as ross] i knew it! i KNEW i wasn't crazy! [laughs, breaks character] oh, poor ross...
lisa kudrow: [giggling uncontrollably] have you ever seen the show?

i think my favorite parts of the friends gag reel are when the guys make fun of each other when their voices crack.

today on npr, i heard this story on the theology of bruce springsteen. two interesting things, here. [NERD ALERT. warning warning.] first, the interviewer and the guy who wrote this book have a disagreement on whether the song "mary's place" is about the church community or about heaven. i want it to be about the church as the foretaste and presence of the kingdom of God. the both and, anybody? [can everyone tell that i spent time with some of my favorite theology nerds this weekend?] and i'd also like to talk about mary, of course. it's more of a catholic song than this unitarian minister is talking about - i mean, not that i blame him.

also, "the rising." the interviewer asks this minister, because he's said it's "an easter song," if the song's about resurrection. and he answers, "when i've heard springsteen sing 'the rising' more recently, it has started to sound more and more like a song of insurrection rather than a song of resurrection." whaaaat. YEAH it does. because what's a bigger insurrection than overcoming your own crucifixion? who else rebels by accepting evil rather than doing evil, and wins anyway? YEAH insurrection. 

anyway, put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty, and meet me tonight in atlantic city.

and also, nice website, bruce springsteen! i appreciate it.

update to the last post: on the way home on megabus, my new seatmate ALSO asked me if i like my computer. guys. apple is a really successful company. ahead of pc in sales to college students. have these people really never met anyone who has one before?

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