Monday, August 25, 2008

round here.

aaand we're back to the falling off the back of the treadmill feeling. is this my life? ["is life like this? must novels be like this?"] i like it, but... there's something funny about it...

anyway, had a quick conversation with someone who's known me a long time.

b: i did too much work, unfortunately.
d: hm
d: somehow i am not surprised
b: really? am i THAT person?
b: boo.
d: well, no, not always
d: but it sounds very teacher-ish
d: you were the one, however, that taught me that people are more important than sleep
d: and by extension, people are more important than work
b: awww, that IS true. shoot.
d: so no, you are not a workaholic
d: but you are a teacher

so hey, that's nice to hear, right? i'm not sure how true it all is, but it's good to hear from someone who loves you. even if it's based on who you were years ago.

she's also the only friend who joins me in being legitimately excited that adam duritz is happily dating someone [after she said "he's always dating someone"]. happily, as in, "she's looking at you - i've already got a girl for me!" let's not think it's creepy that i know every live version of every song. like, oh, it's the "so you want to be a rock and roll star" intro to mr. jones! and i'm getting excited too soon!

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  1. People are more important than work. People are more important than sleep. Sleep is more important than work? And definitely there are times that you should not wear your watch at Corby's!!