Tuesday, August 26, 2008

for posterity.

just so you all know the narrative i'm writing about all this.

b: so i was SO EXCITED to get your biden text message! 

k: yay! 

k: i'm SO excited he picked biden! it was an excellent choice 

b: i really want to tell my grandkids about this 

b: like, "THEN, i got a text message from aunt k!" 

b: and they'll be like, "don't you mean aunt SENATOR k?" 

b: (this is the part where i imagine what we'll be doing in 50 years, based on what we're doing now.) 

k: hahahahaha 

k: excellent! 

k: and then the grandkids will be like, what is a text message? why didn't you just communicate telepathically, or something


b: yes! 

b: i think i might blog this conversation. 

k: i'm for it

[still, the formatting eludes me.]

i can get so lost in adam duritz's blog. like, this one. i guess he doesn't post that much, but he's a rambler [as those of you who have ever, um, heard his music might know] and i love to see how he writes. read a lot of poetry today, looking for some stuff on symbol for the sacraments class. found this rockin one by anne sexton. not really applicable, but rockin. and hey, my favorite translation of neruda's soneto 17 is here in plagiarist.com's top 50. [if you're looking for a poem, this is kind of fun.]

so, this is great. women religious, faith and public policy, advocacy for the poor. the stuff linked from it [especially the comments on the original blog post] is not. i'm just - i mean, most of you know how i feel about this. i cannot stand it when people can only spew hate. yes, our beliefs are too important to lose. yes, these are big issues. but personal attacks? really? really, this is how we're living the christian life? 

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