Sunday, August 17, 2008

this is where we used to live

broke into the old apartment the other day. my life is very much like a barenaked ladies song.

okay, not really, but fedex told me that they had already delivered my football tickets (!!!) to the old address. i buzzed the guys who live there now, and they were like, "no, we don't have anything for you!" and i was peering in the window to the lobby, when who should happen by but lady with dog! the one who parks by the gate and is kind of mean!

lwd: you trying to get in?
b: yeah, i think i've seen you before [thinking that i've said hi to this lady before, awkwardly]. i used to live in the building and i think i had a package sent here...
lwd: i think i saw something here a couple days ago.
b: really?
lwd: yeah, and i was wondering about it, because i saw your name wasn't on the mailbox anymore.
b: [how do you know my name how do you know my name] well, shoot...
lwd: well, it's their responsibility! they shouldn't just leave it. raise hell!

so i did.

well, no. instead, i just let someone do an AWESOME GOOD DEED and send the envelope marked "notre dame ticket office" back to fedex. i mean, i was freaking out. but see? people are nice. or, we're going to be so bad this year that no one even wants to steal tickets.

of course, i had to drive to skokie to pick them up. first time in an i-go car, and i had a good time trying to explain to people from other cities what "you have to drive to skokie" sounds like to me.

here's something people aren't talking about enough - batman is FREAKING SCARY. i was afraid for two hours and forty-five minutes straight. you know when people are like, "heath ledger is sooo amazing as the joker"? what they mean is that he makes you want to hide. forever. i mean, he completely convinces me that he's a completely unpredictable evil genius. 

i feel kind of un-american about this, but i'm really annoyed with the airshow. i mean, i don't like having fighter jets fly over my house. is that okay?

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