Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cool things.

i don't allow this in my class - but i'm going to go ahead and link to freakonomics' link to time's top 25 blogs. [i didn't make it, guys. next year.]

why am i not linking to time? because time is annoying and you have to keep clicking and things. i'm like, time magazine. get with the program. some of us like to SKIM.

but if you want to read about every single blog and click a lot, well, read time.

i have my ear pressed up next to the window a lot lately because, as you know, my phone has been giving me some troubs. tonight, as i was sitting by the window waiting for my phone to connect, someone walked by outside talking on his cellphone, going "...if x is infinite, and g(x) is positive, then the number of solutions..." now, how cool is that? i kind of want to be friends with this nerdy neighbor.

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