Wednesday, February 18, 2009

consumer reports.

had some nice consumer experiences tonight.

first, did everyone know that you can regular mail things from the ups store? changed my life. and i think the girl there was actually happy to be able to help me with it. i felt it.

cried a little walking along listening to this american life about these transgender kids. guys. they can't even SAY transgender because they are JUST BABIES. sigh.

trying out mike birbiglia on the blogroll, because i have now heard TWO the moth stories from him and they are BOTH excellent. that's all it takes, guys.

at the grocery store - don't you love it when stuff you were already going to buy is coincidentally on sale?

b: [awkwardly stands in the coffee aisle]
coffee grinding man: lots of choices, hmm?
b: no, i mean - coffee filters?
cgm: [points at "COFFEE FILTERS IN AISLE #6" sign above his head]
b: oh, haha, you're like, look at the sign! guess i wasn't the first one to be confused...
cgm: [shrug]

it's like he was going to be friendly, until he found out i was kind of an idiot.

then i had some hard times finding wheat germ. turns out it's in the cereal aisle. do people eat this stuff like cereal? or ON cereal? i needed it for a RECIPE, see.

okay, fine. i'm making my own granola. but all my clothes are still store-bought, guys.

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