Thursday, February 12, 2009


not coincidentally, in the past day or so:
1. pip posted about acting differently based on what she wears.
2. i was outraged about gender expectations.
3. some friends and i talked about the biggest loser and what not to wear. [a friend and i, years ago, used to say we wanted to be on "what to wear sometimes." like, my wardrobe isn't TERRIBLE... but it could certainly use $5,000 of designer clothes...]

what do the biggest loser and what not to wear have in common? that's right - people cry. and, on what not to wear, it always gets me. they're like, i never knew i could feel like this! these clothes have changed my life.

some of my less commercialistic friends [spellcheck thinks that's not a word] said no, i don't think my clothes say a lot about me. but here's my thing. think of someone whose style you hate. now, imagine having to go to work every day dressed like that person. wouldn't you feel different? might you act differently?

i think it's less about commercialism and more about identity. hmm?

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