Sunday, February 01, 2009

wings = hope.

"sure they're messy, but so is democracy."

commonweal again, i know. but it's good. kaveny is brilliant and LOVES colbert.

this is like the rant i have about huck finn being the great american novel. it's a mess. it's a story about thinking your prejudices are right, and then being transformed - almost. it ends unrealistically happily, and as the reader you're like, "wait, that would never happen. nothing's that good." but we're trying...

yup, just in time for the super bowl. and all this talk about whether we like the super bowl [actually, kind of a sweet piece about sports and family, and even baseball] makes me think of a time we all sat down to watch the super bowl with a huuuuge bowl of delicious snack mix. the snack mix was gone before the first quarter was over - at which point my little brother [age 3] goes, "what happened to the SUPER BOWL?!"

priorities in order, folks. stay tuned for my favorite commercials as i root against the steelers.

jezebel keeps making my computer freeze up. WTF, jezebel and your multimedia.

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