Thursday, February 05, 2009

things that happened on the internet while i was on retreat with my students.

well, the main thing that happened was that kirsten sent me a lot of emails about important things i missed on the internet.


kelly kapour has a blog [and a real name and personality] and it is awesome. it's what i wish this blog sounded like, only without the fashion and coolness. also, there's something about the format that i don't like. but i'm going to go ahead and say it's THE BEST BLOG I'VE EVER READ. there, i said it. like kelly kapour, i am edgy. ["today you read some really edgy stuff here on my blog."]

gawker wants to tell us about a self-proclaimed blogworthy product and then ironicalize about it. the word "ironicalize" is totally necessary, and that's totally what they're doing. count it!

my [nerdy and font-loving] friends all want to find out what fonts we are. so far, no one is satisfied with the results. i was all excited about it because it's all PBS and has nice graphics, but NO. i am not uglyfont party itc, and your descriptions are mean, font quiz.

this just in: teachers like to drink, but you need to find the right bar.

heard about this blog, that's now dead, but has a nicely poignant last post.

i dunno, you could put a beard on a picture of yourself for a good cause.

slog has a list of blogfriends and a list of blogenemies. nicely done. do i have enough enemies for that? they also have a nice "let's blog 5,000 times a day" policy.

i need to get this out - i'm annoyed by web addresses that make no sense. especially ones that have a lot of question marks and random numbers in them. youtube is just okay, because at least it's short. nytimes and gawker and jezebel and those guys have posts that have the name in them, which is nice. but i'm really oddly attracted by bartleby's number/number thing.

see, wasn't that nice?

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