Thursday, February 12, 2009

grey's! crossover! drama!

so, you all already know that i love to liveblog. it makes me feel like a real blogger.

first, for those of you who haven't watched grey's since 2005, my official recap.
okay, so our favorite interns are now in charge of interns. mostly they are mean and the interns are stupid. you may have heard that izzie's been seeing (and having sex with) dead denny, because she's about to die. she sort of knows she's about to die, but now thinks she isn't, or whatever. george is the only one who notices, even though she's dating alex, who looooooves her. [sadly for me, because i love HIM. also sad for me that he's fictional, and probably not that good for me, in the end.] george has no other story lines, really. christina is dating this army doctor, and every time they look at each other there's this weird piano music because it's romantic or whatever, but another woman just showed up! dun dun DUNNN. derek is going to propose to meredith, and everyone knows it! except meredith, since this is the only piece of gossip that has ever stayed away from the person it's about. he almost [and by that i mean, abc hates me] did it last time, except addison called because her brother has a brain parasite and only derek can fix it [and abc loves me again, because i love addison]. also, if you didn't know, addison works with taye diggs, so there's that. and derek's going to have to go there and save a baby? whatever. meredith's little sister is an intern and broke sloan's penis while they were having sex in the on-call room [obvi], so they realized that they really like spending time together even when they're not having sex in the on-call room. he's better now. back on the horse. derek doesn't want them to date, but i kind of forgot because it's boring. also meredith has this weird friend who is also an intern. callie was dating hahn [the mean heart surgeon from another hospital, if you remember - burke hated her] and it was exciting, but then hahn left all of a sudden randomly, BUT now this peeds surgeon kissed her, so she's a lesbian again! yay. [we were worried that they were phasing the lesbian thing out. i'm just saying.] bailey still rocks at life, and the chief wants to promote her. she's emotionally involved with dying kids. also her marriage is over or something.
LET THE LIVEBLOG BEGIN. welcome to my living room, with very blogging-supportive friends.

yay! it's addison! ooooh, long hug there for derek. she's arrived with her brother, who needs surgery for his brain parasite. derek's the only one who can do it, obviously, because that's what happens on this show. no wonder he's arrogant, right?

heyyy, alex. thanks for the sleeveless shirt, costume people. friends and i wonder if he's gained weight... and izzie can't see, or whatever. the scissors are right in front of her, and she can't see them? a metaphor? [we're clever with the metaphors.]

scary music. addison is just jumping right into the stress.

yeah, you'd better be worried that addison's in the hospital, mere. apparently derek didn't let her know? we're all practicing saying "neurosystopsychosis" or whatever archer [addison's brother] has.

i don't believe derek didn't tell what'shername [addison's bff] that he's proposing to meredith. like, right away. he's told EVERYONE ELSE.

callie looks like she's gained weight, too. is there something wrong with my TV?

while i was getting the door, we found out that army doctor was previously engaged! sorry i missed it. i know you all care, a lot.

awww, talking about old times. addison's all crying and derek's all intense. it's kind of jarring, because there was no "previously on," addison's there and she and derek and the private practice people are all stressy, and everyone else is acting all normal. turns out it's because no one even knows anything's going on. everyone's all "addison's here? huh."

"does the blonde have no idea what's going on?" yeah, i don't know what's up with sadie. she is apparently stupid all of a sudden, instead of just - edgy, or whatever she was supposed to be before.

ooookay, so addison's all thinking about derek. not just her brother. shoot. [later edit: i think the thing that's bothering me about this whole storyline is i didn't think addison was still in love with derek. or hung up on him. or whatever. since she never thinks of him on her new spinoff show, right? pip, you watch it...]

taye diggs: "i don't even know why i'm here."
us: "because you're HOTT!"

derek used to play the guitar, blah blah blah. i smell a guitar storyline. hahaha, "ask owen if he ever played the guitar!"

hahahaha, i loooove lexy. "maybe a little dirtily." hehe. she's cute.

army doctor's ex-fiancee is a teacher, if you couldn't tell by her cardiganish blazer and, like, head band. she's been praying for him to come home safely, becasue she thought he was still in iraq. well, your prayers worked, stereotypical teacher lady! army doctor's back!

addison never prays - or DOES SHE? ohhh, i LOVE the "i don't know how to pray" storyline. AND I LOVE CALLIE'S PRAYER. a friend comments that she's trying to tell addison to talk to God as a friend. nice!

more people saying that addison doesn't pray. hmm. derek uses the "miracle" word. taye diggs is the real miracle as he asks derek a kind of obvious question, yeah? i hate that. it's like, all you needed is an old friend to come in and say something completely normal to make you think outside the box! even though you're, like, a world-class neurosurgeon. blargh.

seriously, WHAT is with sadie? new storyline, eh?

this acting is all weird. i'm not ready for these dramatic shifts. DRAMAAAA. "you're a COWARD." way to call a dying man a coward, there, dere.

bailey, i love you. "well, i'm not GOING to smile right NOW." man, what must it be like to be flirted with by taye diggs? siiigh.

blah blah blah blah, elementary school teachers are so sensitive. whatever.

fancy surgery on archer, with a suction thingy. what if they suction out his brain? i'm just asking. derek's really eating up the attention from addison. hahaha, callie - "um, mark's good at talking about himself."

hey, teacher lady DOES have nice clothes. because she's spoiled, apparently. but i did notice.

this whole going straight from the patient almost dying to interns running down the hallway for a fun sparkly game is not awesome. i can't get behind it. and i'm so scared about izzie. she has no depth perception, or something?

oooh, teacher lady's all MAD NOW.

oh, i like this song. what is it? oh, ingrid michaelson - "winter song." oh, i already like this song. i think i already downloaded it. after hearing it on tv. oops.

is george seriously the first person to notice that sadie sucks? or that izzie's dying? yeah, you know who should have a blog? george. and he should call it "everyone's heading for disaster and i'm the only one who knows it."

oooooh, addison is going to blow this whole sloane/lexy story WIDE OPEN. [pause to watch.] OH SNAP, SLOANE! threw derek under the BUS! nice reflexes.

yeah, i'd agree with meredith. just because you don't want to sleep your way through europe doesn't exactly mean you've had the life sucked out of you, sadie. sheesh.

celebrating successful surgery by drinking at joe's. more old times. this is AWKWARD. don't sing the love song derek wrote for his ex-wife. don't. really, don't. friends add: "or until sloane sleeps with sheeeeeee." nice.

wow, nothing happened with all my favorite characters on grey's. and now they're going back to private practice. why are they getting drunk? and why aren't they with archer? why isn't meredith with derek? [oh, wait. we're still at seattle grace for the time being. don't worry.]

hahahaha, gratuitous recap. let's all talk about all our relationships and issues. in detail. in case you've never seen private practice before.

whatever, is there an epidemic of parents abandoning their children with what'shisname [nice doctor]? because this seriously happened LAST EPISODE. [oh, they found her. but still.]

yeah, addison. rockstar with the babies. she knows what's up. [this is referring to the pregnant woman with the brain aneurism. in seattle.]

i'm oddly interested in this crazy mom story [back in LA]. she's going a good job. the actress, i mean. i also feel like we read a lot of post-partum depression literature in high school. is that weird? but i digress.

OHHH, bailey. way to tell what'shername that archer's an ass. [later edit: i don't get why she's so pissy about this all of a sudden.]

is there something medically wrong with taye diggs? well, there's nothing medically wrong with your HOTNESS.

oh, i SO miss when addison and alex were working together. awww. talk to addison, alex! talk to her! be self-aware! joke about how you made out once! i would seriously watch a whole show of this. they're so good together.

back in LA, every time that baby comes on screen, i go "babababa!" or, whatever. it's hard to type. but the baby's cute as hell.

bailey is jeal-OUS. or something. seriously, why's she so pissy with what'shername?

okay, WHEN will these doctors stop suggesting random procedures in front of the patient. HONESTLY. it's a bad idea. it's always a bad idea. we all know this.

okay, is meredith not on the show anymore? we're just asking.

taye diggs, while you're lying there on oxygen, could you flex? thanks. [seriously, i think those were his directions.] "i'm a MAN! i'm a MAN with asthma. so HA!"

"this is not about you. this is not about us." wait - your patient's story directly mirrors your personal life? this is UNPRECEDENTED. oh, doctor shows.

archer: "i could die any minute."
my friends: "then DIE already." yeah, he's an extra-ass now.

oh, so bailey's actually still married. huh. so that's going to be okay, and all? too bad about not hooking up with taye diggs, though.

next time, on crossover 3 of 3:
mere's actually in it, apparently.
the wife or the baby. you must choose!
PUNCHING!!! YELLING!! and, some quiet mean talking.

no proposal? izzie not dying yet? wtf.


you all know that i'll defend grey's until the end. but i feel like the writing is... slipping... a little...

for a more pitiless review, try TWoP.

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